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I am a beacon of balance—stone, wood, and glass, surrounded by water, trails, and grass— an ode to nature’s harmony and splendid simplicity.
I am MARI.
Crop of MARI exterior architecture


The design team at MZA Architects conceived an homage to Bellevue’s landscape: a monument of stone, wood and glass. The palette of cloud-greys, lake-blues, and bark-browns, is illuminated by walls of focal windows scaling some of the highest residential ceiling heights in the city.
Woman frolicking on dock over lock


With over 2,500 square feet of street level restaurant space and 3,000 square feet of second floor retail, residents enjoy the just-downstairs convenience of a multitude of eat-in, shop now, and pick-up services.
Busy MARI Plaza Entrance


Underneath MARI Plaza, three subterranean levels of garage space offer a total of 160 spots exclusive to residents, plus additional spaces for retail visitors.
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